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With over 40 years of proud service, our one goal has always been to help you LOVE YOUR HOME! Since our founding in 1982, Continental Siding has held onto its roots and the mission entrusted to it by Jerry O’Neal.

As we’ve grown since our beginnings in Independence, Missouri, we’ve made sure to keep that mom-and-pop spirit alive in all our locations. We do this by hiring locally and ensuring that every one of our customers receives the confidence, pride, and peace of mind they deserve!

We now serve five locations and their surrounding areas:

In the early days, our founder Jerry O’Neal ran the business out of his garage, offering the same siding products and using the traditional hammer and nail installation technique, just like many other home improvement contractors. However, he began to take note of the issues his customers were experiencing. Instead of accepting it as an unfortunate industry norm, he took matters into his own hands, inventing a siding product and installation technique that would change industry standards and make customers happier.

In 2019, Jerry O’Neal sold his company to Alec Cook after mentoring him for a decade and sharing everything he knew about the siding industry. Under Alec Cook’s new leadership, the company continues to grow and remains committed to its mission.

The Invention That Helps You LOVE YOUR HOME!

Jerry O’Neal wanted to find a way to address several problems that plagued the siding industry for decades: subpar products, ineffective installation methods, and inflated price tags. He felt his customers deserved better, so he invented and patented an innovative siding technique called the Perma-Strate Wall System®.

This system features a roll-formed steel bar attached to the nailing fin, harnessing the strength and rigidity of steel to firmly hold the siding in place while allowing it to expand and contract naturally with seasonal weather changes.

Jerry also began manufacturing his own seamless polymer siding, a business decision that allowed him to have more control over the quality of siding he was installing for his customers compared to other home improvement contractors. By manufacturing our own siding, Continental Siding has been able to cut out the middleman markups and ultimately provide our customers with a higher quality product for a significantly lower price.

Patented installation methods, higher-quality siding materials, and factory-direct pricing are all huge contributions that Jerry made to the company during his 36 years as owner and what allows us to continue to help our customers!

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A Home Improvement Company Near You Enters A New Era

Jerry’s impressive products and installation techniques laid the groundwork for his vision for the future. When Alec Cook became a partner, Continental Siding continued its trajectory in the home improvement industry because he shared Jerry’s ability to foster an amazing company dedicated to helping the surrounding community.

Alec always says, “I care much more about how we do business than how much business we do.” It’s a motto that has allowed us to focus on growing as a team and helping the customer in the best way possible, all while continuing to grow bigger than ever! In the years since Jerry’s garage, Continental Siding has expanded into multiple locations across the midwest with more than 50,000 satisfied customers served. Today, we help homeowners in the areas of Kansas City, Springfield, and Columbia, Missouri; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and Wichita, Kansas.

We’re proud to have received numerous industry awards and five-star reviews over the years, all of which speak to the impeccable quality of our products and services. We know that if we continue to help our customers love their homes, that our customers will continue to refer their friends, family and neighbors to us, which will help us continue to love what we do for a living.

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Preserving Our Mom and Pop Mindset In a Growing Home Improvement Company

Although Continental Siding has grown over the years, our mission, vision, and core values remain the driving force behind how we help our customers and how we work to improve our community.

Our Mission For Our Customers
We help our customers love their home by providing them confidence in their purchase, pride in their home, and peace of mind for their future.

Our Vision For Our Customers
Continental Siding will provide values-driven, expert guidance to our customers during what can be a daunting home improvement journey. We install our patented, American-made products to give them pride in their home and provide our award-winning customer service to help them feel respected and appreciated so they know how grateful we are that they trusted us to help them love our home.

Our Mission For Our Community
We help members of our community love where they live by doing our part to provide confidence in our common goals, pride in our contributions, and peace of mind for our shared future.

Our Vision For Our Community
We are an active contributing member of our community who is committed to rolling up our sleeves and doing our part. We are a product of the community, so we know our company will only be as strong as the community we serve. We give more than we take so our company and community are both stronger for the next generation that comes after us.

Our Mission

At Continental Siding, our mission is clear: to provide confidence, pride, and peace of mind to our team, customers, and community. Success, for us, means different things to different people.

For our team, it’s about loving what we do for a living. We achieve this by fostering an environment of mutual support, where everyone feels confident in our team, takes pride in our work, and has peace of mind for their future.

For our customers, success is loving their homes. We ensure this by giving them confidence in their purchase, instilling pride in their home, and providing peace of mind for their future as homeowners.

And for our community, success means loving where they live. We play our part by working towards common goals, contributing with pride, and ensuring peace of mind for our shared future.

So, whether it’s our team members, customers, or community, at Continental Siding, we’re not just improving homes; we’re building confidence, pride, and peace of mind.

Our Vision

At Continental Siding, we firmly believe that without a vision, people perish. That’s why we’re committed to creating a fulfilling team culture, providing helpful guidance to our customers, and giving back to the communities we’re a part of.

We work hard to ensure that each team member feels valued and supported, providing them with the resources they need to succeed. By combining our patented American-made products with our incredible team, we’re not just redefining industry standards, but also making a meaningful impact in every community we serve.

We want to be a helpful guide to all customers and make them feel respected and appreciated so they know how grateful we are that they trusted us to help them love their home! We understand the stresses that come with hiring someone to do work in your house and that’s why were are here to help provide the confidence, pride, and peace of mind you deserve.

As a member of so many communities, we’re committed to being active, contributing members of the communities we serve because we believe that our company is only as strong as the communities we’re a part of. After all, we’re in this together, and by giving more than we take, we’re ensuring that both our company and our community are stronger for the next generation that comes.

Our Core Values

Reliability: People can count on us because we have a proven track record of being trustworthy, dependable, and predictably consistent.

Integrity: We are honest and have strong values and principles that guide us to always do what is right in every instance, no matter what.

Authenticity: Simply put, we are the real deal. We set the standards and are often imitated. Our patents and our character make us one of a kind.

Optimism: We are confident in our identity, our abilities, our mission, and have an overall positive outlook as we believe the best is yet to come.

Respect: We appreciate, admire, and have deep gratitude for those around us, which dictates how we fill our roles as team-mate, helpful guide, and servant.

Adaptability: We see problems as opportunities and actively embrace change to ensure we always maintain our position as the leader of our industry.

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We manufacture our siding right here in Missouri.

Others manufacture overseas or in Canada.


We develop and train all local teams to meet our standards.

Others outsource teams and do not check quality.


We customize a financing plan for you with 0% down.

Others have remade plans that may not meet your needs.

Real Customers That Really Love Their Home

Every age, every home, every budget, every detail, every need.

His Home Was Falling Apart And He Had No Idea...Luckily We Found The Damage Just In Time
10 years later and our home is just as amazing as the day it was installed.
Local Veteran Needed A Permanent Solution For His Family
Their 20 Year Old Home Was Rotting Away
We Were Embarrassed and Ready to Move. Now We Love Our Home!
We Now Have a Relationship with a Company We Can Trust
Bought in 1984. Moved to New Home. Bought Again in 2018.
Continental Siding Was the Only Company that Could Do the Entire Job!
Continental Siding Saved Our Home from Falling Apart!
No Other Company Could Give Us the Curb Appeal We Wanted.
They Needed to Save Their Family Home. Continental Siding was the ONLY Company that said Yes.
Our Reputation Is Defined By Our Customers
Family Owned And Operated Since 1982
5 Locations + 7 Major Review Sites = Our Reputation
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Dedicated To Our Community

Siding for Service Members
100% Completely Free Seamless Polymer Siding Project

“I stayed awake at night wondering how I was going to take care of the outside of my home because I love my home so much and it was in such bad condition.”
Janice Taggart, Siding for Service Members Awardee

Humanitarian of the year
Award Winner

“Alec and Continental Siding has given back their time, their resources, and just poured their hearts into not only to Mother’s Refuge but other places in the community”
Kelsi Green, Assistant Executive Director, Mother’s Refuge

Corporate Sponsor
Habitat For Humanity

“Continental Siding has been an integral corporate sponsor by helping us give more people in our community a decent place to live”
Christina Leakey, President & CEO, Truman Heritage Habitat For Humanity

Corporate Citizen of the Year
Award Winner

“Alec is the next level of leadership style that we need, where we’re compassionate and active in the community…”
Bret Kolman, CEO, Centerpoint Medical Center
Truman Heartland Community Foundation Board Member

Philanthropic Business of the Year
Award Winner

“They looked around and said, ‘We’re prospering. Now what can we do to help everyone else prosper as well?’ . . . That’s the backbone of a community.”
JD Kehrman, President, Economic Development Council

Community Leader
The Chamber Helps Families by Helping Businesses

“During the time when the Chamber really needed help, we had businesses that stepped up”
Beth Franklin, Chair of the Board, Chamber of Commerce

Award Winner

“We needed folks to step up with creativity, hard work, leadership, and Alec Cook did that.”
Sonci Bleckinger, Past Chair of the Board, Chamber of Commerce

Radio Interview
with Continental Siding Owner, Alec Cook

How Continental is giving during COVID-19.

Partnered with Local Church
built pantry boxes to help families in need

Installed at local elementary schools

Fox4 News
During Covid Many 2 income households went down to 1 income.

Continental Siding wanted to help with a 20% pay bonus.

Made For Our Communities.
Made By Our Communities.

Made Locally

Investing in the future of our community

Our essay contest encourages high school students to consider the importance of upholding strong core values in today’s business world.

Siding for Service Members
Humanitarian of the year
Habitat For Humanity
Corporate Citizen Award
Philanthropy Award
Community Leader
Business of the Year
Alec Radio Interview
NBC 41 Action News
Locally Made
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